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Bodine Motor Replacements

Conversion Chart for Bodine Motors
Bodine Type Bodine Model # Carter Model #
NSH-12R 541 CSA302E3
NSH-12R 543 CSA105E3
NSH-12R 545 CSA036E2
NSH-12R 546 CSA026E2
NSH-12R 547 CSA017E2
NSH-12R 548 CSA0057E2
NSH-12RH 560 CSA0907E5
NSH-12RH 561 CSA0609E5
NSH-12RH 562 CSA0412E5
NSH-12RH 564 CSA0313E5
NSE-12RH 120 CUA5004A5
NSE-12RH 122 CUA1311A5
NSE-12 007 CUA7512R
NSE-12 008 CUA1010R
NSE-13 009 CUB1007R
NSE-13 011 CUB7510R
NSE-11R 107 CUA501R3
NSE-11R 109 CUA302R3
NSE-11R 110 CUA203R3
NSE-11R 111 CUA154R2
NSE-11R 112 CUA104R2
NSH-33R 565 MSB1811E5
NSH-33R 567 MSB0918E5
NSH-33R 568 MSB0621E5
NSH-33R 569 MSB0420E5
NSE-33R 123 MUB5008A5
NSE-33R 125 MUB2512A5
NSH-34 278 MSB1815EB

Disclaimer: Carter Motor Company is not responsible for motors that are not an exact duplicate of the Bodine motor. Our crossover motors represent the characteristics of the Bodine motor. The print, available to you by clicking on the model number, is a tool to assure you that the correct model number is being ordered.

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